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Job seekers can find many jobs, I could even say an unlimited number of happiness today on the internet, in online work.
If they are not trained for those looking for jobs for the many existing jobs online, they must train themselves through self-training.
Young people who do not have experience in the field they are looking for and cannot be employed still have many new opportunities to work in other jobs that do not require experience.
Fortunately, the new era of the Internet, digitalization offers many jobs that do not require experience but only to continuously self-educate, to work continuously.
I can mention for the time being some unlimited jobs in number.
1) to have your own amazon affiliate account.
2) to have your own affiliate account on hundreds of thousands of sites around the world.
3) to have your own youtube video channel.
4) to make a blog to have income from the advertisement that your blog carries.
5) to have your own site on wordpress or other platforms to make money from the advertisement brought on the site
6) to work as a freelancer in many fields of activity,
7) work from home online in various activities has unlimited jobs
8) There are many other jobs in unlimited numbers in other activities.
Thanks to the coronavirus, online work with many jobs is constantly growing.
Those who want to have jobs today, income today have an unlimited number of jobs today online and in other new fields, new opportunities.
In order to find a job, to have a new job we have to adapt, we train ourselves according to the requirements of the new jobs.
It is very wrong to train ourselves for certain jobs that are limited in number and are not usually available.
It is very wrong to persevere in looking for jobs, jobs that are no more, or are very few.

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