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Hmm … I do not know where to
begin. It is difficult to really know
someone. Often, the person on whom
you stopped is difficult to decipher.
That is not the case of Gheorghe
Cornel Ardelean. From the first
moment I knew and he got my
I recognized him immediately
from the descriptions made by his
colleagues: “One small, with white
haired man with many books and
newspapers in his hand, they said. My
curiosity pushed me to address him,
cheerful, open; he began to talk to me
as if we knew each other for years. A
person opened both to dialogue as well
as current jokes. I got to know him .

A nice company as long as
you succeed not to be attracted in that
part of the discussion where his future
plans are. Plans that are repeated
endlessly become a burden for the
people around him. Not because it
would be something wrong in what he
says but through their very
On several occasions I have read
some of his meditations.
By their simplicity and the fact
that they expresses absolute truths, for
those who do not take seriously the
writings of Cornel Gheorghe Ardelean
they may seem indeed to read seriously
what to write, I bet they will find
among the apparently simple lines, a
message equal to a person who has
suffered enormously .
The cry of a man eager for more,
eager for simplicity, for the truth and
for a Utopia, wishful of a perfect
If even 10% of what he writes
would be put into practice by us, then
certainly we would set ourselves and
with others at the same time.
Surprisingly, nobody sees that Cornel
Gheorghe Ardelean even puts into
practice what he writes, which means
that he really believes it.
With an analytical style
impossible to confuse, Mr. Cornel
Gheorghe Ardelean is successful in a
few lines and penetrates into the
essence of truth. By this thinking, he is
venturing into an area still unexplored
in specialized literature.
Specialized topics are part of the
absolute truths that each of us have
deep within our being, so
acknowledged, so obvious, so natural
that no one has ventured to put them
on paper.
But surely there will be many
who, after reading and rereading these
absolute truths will solve many of the
problems of their existence. The
novelty that makes Cornel Gheorghe
Ardelean stand out besides putting on
paper a well-known truth, is that it also
leads to problem solving. It is a
promising start in an area of astute
competition and often an unscrupulous
I wish you success Mr. Ardelean
and may these meditations help as
many people as possible. Do not give
up, continue on the path that you have
chosen and maybe in the nearer or
further future the world will be at least
5% as you want it to be.
Do not give up … We … only a
few, I must admit, we are beside you.
Graduate of the Academy of Theater
and Film
Former journalist of the national
newspapers and Romania Libera,
Evenimentul Zilei, was Her Majesty’s
Paul of Romania’s adviser
a businessman resident in Italy

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