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I appreciate every thing you wrote Gheorghe Cornel you are a wealth of wisdom.

Character is the power of a man.
A man without character has no value.
You can rely on a man of character.
You cannot rely on a man without character.
Man of character builds.
Man without character destroys

Cheerfulness creates energy.
Good humor prevents stress.
Good humor of the spouses
maintains the marriage.
Good humor makes us not be
Cheerfulness creates joy.
Laughing plays a part in our
consumed energy.
Increasing the motivation we
increase our performance.
The desire to become better helps
and contributes a lot to being happy in life.
The person who has an active life
will be even more satisfied.
Perseverant people are honorable.
Those who are ordered have fewer
Those who are careful have fewer
We can make our life more
beautiful if we are realistic.
We can make our life more
beautiful if we are organized.
We can organize a happy life if we
are documented.
Failures should never defeat our
If we disturb others we will have

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