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My priority is
To keep my health
To prolong my life by as many years as possible
To be as strong as possible.
To make my life pleasant.
To write as many positive, creative, constructive, humanistic, useful ideas, necessary for all the people of the world as there will be humanity.
To make the ideas known and to be applied by as many people around the world as possible in order to achieve a more pleasant life, the objectives.
I invite you to listen to music.
https://youtu.be/unfzfe8f9NI ABBA
https://youtu.be/A5ufAs7nKMc Celine Dione
https://youtu.be/9KkVOAKQIwU Helene Fisher
https://youtu.be/PT4-12wRLJs Helene Fisher
Music has many benefits on our health and lives.
Music makes our lives more enjoyable.
Music makes us feel good.
Music relaxes us.
Music strengthens the love relationship.
Music often participates in our healing.
Music must be listened to daily.
Music makes intimacy more enjoyable.
Music brings us closer in life as a couple.

I invite you to see and connect with my site https://www.bigagc.com/en/books/
I invite you to buy, read, apply ideas from my books.
I have 107 paperback books and 107 kindle books hosted on www.amazon.com quotes in English under the name Ardelean Gheorghe Cornel.

I invite you to appreciate, comment, share, apply the ideas you like.
I invite you to connect with me to communicate, to find opportunities for cooperation, common development.
I invite you, please make known, distribute this message to as many people as possible and invite them to connect with me on linkedin on my site https://www.bigagc.com/en/books/, to buy books. , to apply their useful ideas
Rachel Mitchell AuthorProducer TV / Film / Documentaries – Director of Programming & Investor BUILTinAMERICA.tv
I appreciate every thing you wrote Gheorghe Cornel you are a wealth of wisdom.

Gheorghe Cornel Ardelean was born on March 11.1954 in place Macea, Arad Country Romania Graduate of Economic University, Craiova Romania 1979-1989 Economist and Chief Economist and sales Department In 1990-founding member of the first Parliament of Romania after the Revolution of 1989 in PCNU (Provisional Council of National Unity) 1992 – Independent candidate for deputy in the Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies 1992-1996 Advisor to the Arad Country Council as an independent adviser 1992-1996 President of the Commission trade, tourism, services advise Arad Country Council 1990-2002 Director, manager of private companies wholesale 1980 – Presente Philosopher and author books.
As a thought on long-term, positive, constructive, open, creative, humanistic, etc. It has a great ability to create so many positive ideas and solutions, constructive, humanist, creative, helpful people to achieve what they want. Thinking and ideas sustain and promote the rights of children, women, all people in the world, positive thinking and ideas, constructive, humanistic, tolerant, progressive, understanding and peace between peoples and nations.

If you like quotes written by me, please, I invite you to buy books because they can be very very useful in life in achieving personal goals, happiness, love, health, success, prevention of illnesses, failures, of mistakes, sufferings, etc . and you helped me a lot.

I wish you health, happiness, love, the accomplishment of everything you want in life.

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