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The woman gives us life.
The woman makes us happy.
The woman makes our life much more pleasant.
The woman is the guardian angel of the man.
The woman is unique.

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The woman is special with her qualities and abilities.
.The woman is the soul of the family
Life without a woman is not life.
The woman is the oxygen of the man’s life.
A woman’s inner beauty never disappears but grows continuously.
Men should appreciate the inner beauty of women with priority.

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Women and men living a happy life together maintain their health much easier.
A woman’s inner beauty is the greatest treasure for a man.
The man must help to develop the inner beauty of women.

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The woman must appreciate with priority the inner beauty of the man.
Women and men must understand that the most beautiful life is only the happy life of two.
Women and men living a happy life together increase their lifespan by many years.
Women and men living a happy life together. They prevent many diseases.

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