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Take care of your health every day.
Prevents diseases.
Diseases can be prevented.
Continuous self-training to prevent illness.
Preventive medicine must be applied continuously, minute by minute.
The diet must be permanently healthy.
Life for two has many benefits.
Hugs prolong your life.
Kisses prolong your life.
We have to think, act to live as healthy as possible for years and not wait for death.

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Most important news ›Lifestyle› ReteteFlorin Răvdan | 03 March 2021 / 11:47
Washing chicken meat before cooking seems to be one of the biggest mistakes of chefs. A team of specialists explains why.

According to a report by the United States Department of Agriculture and North Carolina State University, chicken should not be washed, as it increases the risk of food poisoning.

Serious risk of illness

According to experts, chicken meat can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and Clostridium perfringens. They are destroyed when the meat is cooked, but if you choose to wash it, they can end up on other objects used in the kitchen, such as a mincer, sink, knife or other used objects.

“Even when consumers believe they have effectively cleaned the sink after washing the poultry, this study shows that the bacteria can easily spread to other surfaces and foods,” said USDA Deputy Secretary for Food Safety Mindy Brashears.

“It can cause serious illness and even death”

The same warning was issued by Catherine Brown, executive director of the Food Standards Agency in the United Kingdom.

“Washing raw chicken is a common practice (…) We recommend that people stop washing it and try to make them aware of the risk of campylobacter bacteria (…). Campylobacter is a serious problem. This can cause serious illness and even death “, the expert drew attention, according to Digi-world.tv.


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