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1 Many friendships have become love relationships.

2 In love, paying attention to your partner is a necessity.

3 Passionate love gives us satisfaction.

4 In love, spontaneous sex parties are very pleasant.

5 In love partners need to say daily they love you.

6 In love the words I love you said daily help to keep love alive

7. Mutual affection creates a lot of happiness.

8 Knowing each other’s love in love helps to maintain love.

9 When you love, you truly feel that you are alive.

10 Life without love is very poor.





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Temperance in love contributes a lot to its maintenance
Mutual obedience in love is mandatory
Mutual compassion in love strengthens love
Enthusiastic lovers experience love more deeply
Flexibility in love contributes a lot to the realization and maintenance of lov




7 alimente pentru o stare de spirit pozitivă

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