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I invite you to buy useful books, necessary lives to achieve personal and professional goals.

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I urge you to read, and apply your thoughts, ideas, quotes.

By reading, analyzing BIGAGC, Ardelean Gheorghe Cornel’s thoughts and applying one or more thoughts, the quotes we will find solutions that will help us:

I. Let’s discover: 1. qualities; 2. defects; 3. the capacity; 4. skills; 5. certain opportunities to succeed in life; 6. to find our life partner; 7. to maintain our marriage; 8. let us discover our feelings; 9. to discover our mistakes; and so on

II. Let’s prevent some: 1. errors; 2. accidents; 3. divorces; 4. afflictions 5. bankruptcies; 6. failures; 7. conflict; and so on

III. To become: 1. more efficient; 2. happier; 3. never loved; 4. more estimated; 5. most appreciated; 6. more respected; 7. more loving; 8. more organized; 9. more optimistic; 10. more planned; 11. more active; 12. better; 13. more correct; 14. humanists; 15. more altruistic; 16. more popular; 17. more famous; and so on

IV. Let’s exit: 1. from the state of despair; 2. from the state of pessimism; 3. out of despair; 4. from the state of passivity; 5. from the state of inactivity. and so on

V. To participate in: 1. social life; 2. political life; 3. to the activity of non-profit organizations4. and so on

VI. Let’s find more chances to meet favorable or more favorable situations.

ARE YOU COMING. Let us change our lives for the better, make it more beautiful.

VIII. Let’s increase our chances of finding the right life partner.

IX. Let us realize and maintain a happy marriage.

X. Let’s grow up and educate our children better, take more care of them.

I write and gather these thoughts in books, other publications and the Internet, etc., because they are necessary and useful to us every day and we need to apply them to achieve each one what we want: a more beautiful, more prosperous, happier life. .

These thoughts reflect a very small part of reality, what would be good for human relationships too.

I expect from you good news, good deeds that you have achieved, influenced by the fact that you have read and applied one or more ideas, to make your life more beautiful, more prosperous, happier and positive living models for others. ..

Each of us can become positive role models for those around us by participating in the creation of a better, more prosperous, happier human society.

I would be very happy and happy if one or more read ideas helped you in one way or another made you happier, more prosperous, etc.


I look forward to your news, ideas, opinions, troubles and joys, etc.

With appreciation, respect, esteem, love and much joy.

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I wish you all the health, happiness and achievement of everything you want.

I await your news, ideas, opinions, troubles and joys,

With appreciation, respect, esteem, love and much joy.


Ardelean Gheorghe Cornel

10 04 2020

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