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In this crisis situation we should not panic, despair, worry, be sad, become pessimistic.
We have to be optimistic, positive cooperative, with hopes, to look for optimistic, positive, useful solutions out of the crisis, to solve problems of any kind, we have.
Mankind has solved far more problems than the coronavirus problem.
Analyze, compare and you will find that it is
It is necessary that ideas, actions, positive, optimistic, cooperative, co-development activities, useful to people, be as much supported, appreciated, promoted, rewarded and supported by us all.
We must act each of us with all the energy, to act positively, optimistically, to do only what is good for people, humanity.
The media must focus their actions on these useful ideas, necessary for people, humanity.
I believe in the strengths, ideas, actions, positive, optimistic, useful humanities, that people will be able to solve the coronavirus problem and the other problems that have arisen and appear due to the coronavirus etc.

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