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The manager of Victor Babeș Hospital astonished Romania. There is no treatment for coronavirus
The recent statement of the hospital manager Victor Babeș turns upside down everything that was known so far about COVID. Dr. Emilian Imbri says there is no cure for coronavirus.
Posted 05/03/2021 19:30

Goga Ioana
There is no treatment for coronavirus. The statement belongs to Dr. Emilian Imbri, the manager of Victor Babeș Hospital.

The manager of Victor Babeș Hospital astonished Romania. There is no treatment for coronavirus
There is a long way to go before the coronavirus is defeated. Specialists say that we are on a whim and Romania will enter the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike other countries, where the peak of infections has already been reached. “I want to emphasize that we are at the beginning of growth, wave 3. What in other countries is approaching the peak, we have begun to feel the increase in the number of infections. No matter what kind of strain it is, you will see that the South African strain will be as numerous as the English one and the rest of the forms, ”said the hospital manager Victor Babeș.

Free movement will bring all strains of virus to Romania
But Dr. Emilian Imre comes up with an even more shocking statement. He says that Romanians will fight with all strains of the virus, as a result of free movement. “What we have to remember is that these strains multiply, they are transmitted, they do not come by air, but are carried by people.

The transmission is aerogenic, but the vector is human. Free movement is clear that it will bring all the strains that will be discovered “, said Dr. Imbri for Digi24. Romania’s biggest problem remains that there is no treatment for coronavirus at this time. “No matter what the strain, this virus gives a disease that we do not yet know what disasters can cause over time on the body.

Another essential detail: there is no treatment, no matter what form of strain it is now. The only medicines are given to stop the multiplication, to slow it down in the body and we practically limit ourselves to knowing very few things yet and not knowing much about what will happen in the future. What we need to do is protect ourselves so that we don’t forget that vaccination is a way to strengthen our body, but that we are still exposed to getting this disease, “said the doctor.

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