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I invite you to start meeting the great philanthropist, humanist, the American billionaire in Los Angeles NICOLAS BERGGRUEN and the Berggruen Institute in Los Angeles.

It shows about the institute and its ideas.
From our signature 21st Century Council to the Think Long Committee, the Berggruen Institute provides an outwardly expansive and purposeful network, bringing together some of the best minds and most authoritative voices from across cultural and political boundaries, to examine the changes sweeping across the world and to ensure that humanity isn’t being lost in the mix.

1) Patience prevents many divorces.
2) Life should not be lived to make fun of it.
3) It is necessary to give aid when a man needs it.
4) It is never too late to start a new life all over again.
5) Laziness leads us to poverty.
6) Anger makes us think wrongly.
7) Our skills contribute greatly to our successes.
8) Positive thinking guides us to success.
9) Quarrels should always be avoided.
10) Through positive actions we can prevent many failures.


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