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0) Positive behaviors lead us to happiness.

1) Our time is too precious for us to allow it to be wasted.

2) While we think of positive facts we can no longer think of
negative facts.
3) Haughty behavior creates a distance for many people.
4) Patience contributes to our happiness.
5) It is never too late to self-develop certain qualities.

7) Arguments complicate matters.
8) Perseverance is a quality that helps us achieve many

9) Anger harms us always.

9) We should never consider troubles as impassable.
10) The aid given at the necessary time often has incredible
positive effects.
11) We must always

nd the cause or causes of each unsuccessful fact.
12) Unsuccessful facts should never discourage us.
13) Pleasant surprises can often come when we do not expect
14) Troubles should never lead us to despair.
15) Our superciality is a cause of many unsuccessful facts.

16) We must avoid being careless.
17) The one who is quick in anger does himself much harm.
18) Success in actions is a result of many factors that are
favorable to success.

20) Through cooperation we can become more prosperous more


Any dose of beer can be fatal. ” Many consumers have contracted this disease. Doctor Ciuhodaru FLAVIU POPA’s warning IN HOTNEWS21 / 08/2020, 21: 30SHARE:

Rats infect doses of beer. Photo: PixabayThe well-known doctor Tudor Ciuhodaru warns canned beer lovers that they can get a rare disease. they often shake their heads through deposits. The expert tells beer drinkers that they can get leptospirosis. The disease occurs after drinking canned beer, or in a dose, as it is also called. WARNING A doctor warns beer drinkers that they may die from beer doses. According to specialized sites, leptospirosis is a widespread disease in all parts of the globe. infectious-contagious, it affects both domestic and wild mammals and humans. The disease is manifested by different symptoms depending on the infectious serotype. It is caused by germs such as Leptospira, clinically manifested by sepsis, jaundice, hemoglobinuria, nerve and kidney disorders, and in pregnant women can cause miscarriages. Leptospirosis is a group of infectious diseases due to pathogens called Spirochae family. “Any dose can be fatal. Many patients contracted the disease after drinking canned beer. Pay close attention to leptospirosis. Anyone can get this disease after consuming drinks (beer, juice) from improperly stored doses (contaminated by rats) .10 things to know about leptospirosis:
1. It is an acute infectious disease, transmitted from animals to humans, which can be fatal. Hospitalization is mandatory. Receptivity is general but men are more frequently affected.
2. The incidence is increasing. 2.5 per 100,000 inhabitants were reported.
3. There are more and more recreational cases – due to swimming or walking barefoot in waters polluted with leptospire, water sports, travel to tropical countries. Contact with pets should NOT be neglected either. The disease remains of a pronounced professional character, in those who work with animals or in swampy environments.
4. It has universal distribution. The peaks are registered in the summer-autumn period.
5. The natural reservoir of infection consists of over 150 species of wild and domestic animals that can be affected. The most important is represented by rodents (rats and mice) but also dogs, birds and fish can be a reservoir for leptospirosis. The sick person can transmit the disease through urine, rarely transplacental, during the illness.
6. Bacteria can withstand years in moist soil and warm, stagnant water but are not drought resistant. They are destroyed in a few seconds at 60 degrees C, in acidic environment, in chlorinated water and UV.
7. Transmission to humans is most common through contact of damaged skin or intact mucous membranes with soil or water contaminated with the urine of sick or infected animals. Another route of transmission is the digestive tract by ingesting contaminated food or water. Mother-to-child transmission is possible but rare.
8. The onset is sudden – flu – with chills, fever, headache, myalgia – after an incubation period of 2-20 days.
9. It evolves in 2 phases: septicemic and organic, separated by a period of 1-3 days of improvement. The septicemic phase can be confused with a virus (fever, headache, myalgia, conjunctival congestion, photophobia, congestive facies, measles rash) or with hepatitis at onset (lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting or not with jaundice) . In the organic phase, the fever reappears and the symptoms related to the meningeal, hepatic and renal damage are installed. Severe jaundice-bleeding leptospirosis (Weil syndrome) progresses to hepato-renal failure with increased mortality.
10. Hospitalization and isolation are mandatory. Treatment is based on the administration of antibiotics. Severe forms require intensive care measures up to hemodialysis.
1. Anyone can get the disease.
2. Do not expose yourself unnecessarily to risk. Avoid swimming and water sports or walking barefoot in areas with water polluted by animal manure.
3. Wear protective equipment, rubber boots and gloves when walking in hazardous areas.
4. Skin lesions should be treated and bandaged with waterproof materials.
5. Wash your hands properly after contact with animals.
6. Polluted water will be disinfected by chlorination.
7. Drinking water suspected of being contaminated should only be consumed boiled
8. Disinfection of utensils can be done with 2% sodium hydroxide solution.
9. DO NOT postpone medical consultation when you notice symptoms after coming in contact with water, soil or foods with a high potential for contamination.
10. Hospitalization and isolation are mandatory “, the doctor wrote on FB.

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