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I want to cooperate and co-develop in the following activities
1) editing videos,
2) online secretariat
3) the activity of posting writings and videos
4) the activity of distributing videos and written posts
5) the activity of attracting followers on my Linkedin profile
6) the activity of selling my books published on amazon, see by my books in my site www.bigagc.com
7) the activity of making my site known, of attracting visitors to the site.
8) the activity of translating my writings from English into other languages
9) the activity of translating my writings from Romanian into other languages
10) to make mutual connection,
11) the activity of making myself as well known as possible on social networks,
12) other proposals for cooperation and co-development.
Please send the cooperation offers and prices etc to the email address aradforex@gmail.com
Thank you

22 04 2020


Spread the message
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