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Mutual love makes us
more optimistic.
Mutual love makes us

Mutual love is a
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Most mutual love
often prevents divorce.
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Without dedication, we can’t
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Iceland, the first country in Europe to get rid of Covid-19: Scientists have created the rules here, not politicians!
The most important news ›Coronavirus› CoronavirusScutaru Cristina | March 25, 2021 / 09:44
Iceland has become the first country in Europe to apparently get rid of the coronavirus.
Iceland has become the first country in Europe to apparently get rid of the coronavirus. Young people go to karaoke in the center of Reykjavik at night, shouting into the microphone. He hugs and kisses, while drops of saliva fly through the air.

White nights, open restaurants, concerts and everything the rest of Europe longs for we now find in Iceland. In Iceland, only 29 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic, and the number of infections was 6,144.

“I have been preparing for this 15-year pandemic,” said Thorolfur Gudnason, Iceland’s chief epidemiologist. Gudnason was responsible for finding an answer to this crisis in Iceland.

“We immediately decided what to do: we performed tests, tracked contacts and isolated all those diagnosed. I did this aggressively, from day one, “he said.

But Iceland has been here before. It quickly had its first wave under control, and by May 2020, people had begun declaring the country free of coronavirus. Things continued for a while, but at the end of the summer, Iceland was unexpectedly hit by another heavier wave, after two tourists, with positive tests, violated the rules of isolation. Since June last year, all passengers who arrived in the country have been quarantined. There are mandatory tests at the airport.

When asked about this strict rule of control over people coming to the country, Thorsteinsson said, “Scientists created the rules, not politicians. This is what matters. They know what they’re talking about, politicians don’t. ” At every step, Iceland followed science, led by Professor Gudnason and his team, without politicians attending daily briefings.

In addition, it is impossible to ignore the role that Iceland’s unique geography has played in its success. This volcanic island, with all its eruptions and avalanches, is used to dealing with disasters. However, specialists in Iceland are not yet able to say goodbye to the coronavirus. Unfortunately, things can change at any time.

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