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Cultivating optimism is a vital necessity.
Optimism is a necessity.
Optimistic thinking is a must.
Optimistic ideas are a necessity.
Life must be lived with optimism.
Optimistic actions are necessary.
Optimism makes us more persevering.
Optimism increases our confidence.
Without optimism, life is not life.

Prince William’s life seems like it is taken from the pages of a storybook. He is a prince of the Royal Family, and he has his own beautiful family. Royal life isn’t always easy, though. Here’s a closer look at just how tragic Prince William’s life has truly been. Like most young royals, Prince William was sent off to boarding school at a young age. The experience was reportedly a difficult one for him at the beginning. As noted in the book Prince William: A Biography, the future king was sent to Ludgrove School when he was just 8 years old. While his mother, Princess Diana, was reluctant to send him away, his father, Prince Charles, wanted to continue the family tradition of sending children to boarding school. William was reportedly quite lonely after first going away to school and missed his family Diana is said to have been in tears when she dropped him off at school. While he was said to be homesick as he adjusted to his new life at school, William eventually grew accustomed to being away from home, although it’d seem he still missed his family — his mother regularly wrote to him, reportedly addressing her letters to “My Darling Wombat.” Keep watching to see The Tragic Truth About Prince William. #PrinceWilliam

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