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The books, https://www.bigagc.com/en/books/
the ideas I wrote are useful to all people around the world, as long as humanity exists.
They are created to make you happy, healthy, to keep you healthy, to increase your life for as many years as possible.
These are already very popular in the comments, https://www.bigagc.com/en/category/testimonials/ and in the polls 94% of those who read them like them. / update / urn: li: activity: 6728055376945717248 /
1 are useful in achieving happiness, pleasant lives, a happy love, peace, personal goals, progress, records in all activities, healing, to succeed in love and life, in business, in finance, in the profession, in making money, of a job, of a happy marriage, in raising children, to become famous, champion, to have a more pleasant, healthier life.
2 helps you to prevent everything that can harm you in life, unhappiness, accidents, failures, unpleasant surprises, divorce, conflicts, diseases, wars, stress, mistakes, etc.
3 helps you, determines you to form and develop a positive, creative, constructive, optimistic, humanistic, successful thinking, qualities, skills needed to achieve goals, successes, to find more opportunities you need, to have self-confidence, success, self -training, self-improvement, to become more cautious, more persevering, more efficient, stronger
On youtube you can find me at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aXMM1yZOHCD3gmCxNSTsA


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