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שרי אריסון: אהבה בשבילי זה אנרגיה, זה תדר
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שבוע שעבר חגגנו את ט”ו באב, יום האהבה. רדיו מהות החיים עלה עם יום שידורים מיוחד – “גוונים של אהבה”. תוכלו לצפות ולהאזין בקישור הבא: https://radio.eol.co.il/tu-bav/
בואו נמשיך ונהדהד אהבה. אהבה לעצמנו, אהבה לסובבים אותנו, אהבה לקהילות שלנו ולפלנטה כולה.
אהבה ❤
The video is in Hebrew, but the essence is love. Love is an energy, love is a vibration, love comes from deep within one’s heart. I believe that a society based on love, is one where people respect themselves and others as well. Love has many virtues but I believe that now the most important is mutual respect. So let’s continue loving from deep within our hearts, sending love to ourselves, to our surroundings, our communities, and the entire planet. Love ❤️


Below I invite you to read some ideas about love written by me


1 Mutual love is a condition for a happy family.
2 Mature love brings us much happiness.
3 Mutual love makes us more optimistic.
 4 True love empowers us.
5 We must always be in a good mood.
 6 Good mood has many positive effects.
 7 Optimism makes our lives more enjoyable.
8 Optimism gives us strength. 9 Positive thinking is a necessity.
10 Positive thinking has many positive effects.
11 Life for two is a necessity.
12 Mature love creates much happiness for us. .
 13 There are situations when love is realized at first sight.
14 What a true mutual love gives us, only it can offer us
15 Happy love makes our health much better.
16 Life together is normal.
17 Optimism in love helps to maintain it.
18 Positive thinking helps to achieve love.
19 Calmness is a necessity in love.
20 Calmness can help us a lot to get through all the hardships of life.

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