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10 quotes for you today

1) From now on, mankind has sufcient resources to address
poverty in an incredibly short time by mobilizing and effectively
using all existing resources.
2) Each of us has a bigger or smaller number of qualities.
3) Our time must be used most effectively and not wasted.
4) Thoughtfulness prevents a lot of trouble.
5) Although our time is very precious to us, most of us do not use
it effectively.

6) The effective management of our time is a special quality.

7) Faith helps us very much in life.
8) Many of the serious human errors could have been
9) Supporting positive action is a necessity.

10) What happens in reality sometimes seems impossible.




4 types of healthy foods that stop the aging of the brain
Source eva.ro

De Maria Constantin
July 4 2020
There are several groups of foods that protect the brain from aging. All you have to do is consume them constantly.

The importance of the connection between food and the brain is recognized in the scientific world. Doctors say that healthy nutrition for the brain is a key source of mental energy and helps us avoid the blurring of the mind and prevent many diseases. A new study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging, identified the four most important food groups that stop the aging of the brain, produced by aging.

Foods that feed the brain
Research on a sample of 9,000 middle-aged people in Canada has shown that people who eat fewer fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes (beans, lentils and peas) are more exposed to cognitive decline. Which means that berries, avocados, black beans and peanut butter have a significant contribution to brain health, Well + Good reports.

The researchers used a cognitive indicator known as verbal fluency as a standard – a test in which you have to list as many words as possible without falling into a certain category. Single people, the socio-economically disadvantaged and those with hypertension also have a higher risk of cognitive decline.

The new study confirms the results of previous research on nutrition and cognitive decline. Researchers have long known, for example, that omega-3 in nuts helps memory and cognitive abilities. Other studies have also shown that berries intensify activity in the memory center of the brain.

How to eat good food for the brain
Healthy foods for the brain are at hand. All you have to do is make sure you consume them constantly, writes Well + Good.

The health of your brain depends on these foods

To maintain brain health, it is enough to consume the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables (four and a half bowls each), add lentils or peas to salads and eat some nuts (nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, macadamia, etc.). ).

You can also mix red lentil paste with vegetables with a vegan cheese sauce. And the easiest way to feed your brain healthy and keep it in shape is to add some berries to the bowl of cereal you eat in the morning or sprinkle them over the slice smeared with peanut butter – you’ll get a little delicious and nourishing breakfast for the brain!

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