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20 useful ideas

1) Patience prevents many divorces.
2) Life should not be lived to make fun of it.
3) It is necessary to give aid when a man needs it.
4) It is never too late to start a new life all over again.
5) Laziness leads us to poverty.
6) Anger makes us think wrongly.
7) Our skills contribute greatly to our successes.
8) Positive thinking guides us to success.
9) Quarrels should always be avoided.
10) Through positive actions we can prevent many failures.
11) We can obtain skills through work.
12) Hypocrisy is a big flaw that harms us very much in life.
13) Some failures can lead us to very big successes.
14) Frequent sorrows are bad for our health.

15) Relationships with optimistic people make us much more
16) We have the opportunity to make peace at any time; it is
necessary that we do it.
17) Thoughtfulness prevents many divorces.
18) A grudge against another or others does not help us with
anything in life.
19) Through a positive thinking we can prevent many, many
20) Aberrant actions lead us to failure.

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