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Hello dear friends, I don’t even know how to start…

It’s quite difficult for you to have such a difficult mission, to characterize another writer.

Even if it is very far away. But nothing in this world can depend on distance.

We can reduce it, thanks to the advanced technology we enjoy today. Sometime… about thirteen years ago, I had the honor to meet the writer ARDELEAN CORNEL GHEORGHE… fate made us become friends, to know each other very well and to collaborate a lot. But this did not draw my attention to his intense activity in the fight against injustice in the country, as a passionate independent activist in the fight for human rights.

Over time, I became an independent human rights activist. We wrote together thousands of petitions to the Romanian government and the International Council for Human Rights in The Hague.

The fight was not in vain, we had managed to solve many problems.

But life is like that… and we each went on a different path. He in ARAD… me in Spain.

My activity as a writer, poet… I owe to this man ARDELEAN CORNEL GHEORGHE… who encouraged me to write.

After 13 years we found ourselves here on fabook… how wonderful. We live.

What determined me to tell you about ARDELEAN CORNEL was the fact that in his books of thoughts… he tries his best to guide us according to his writings, according to his thoughts and advice.

There are thoughts that reflect the truth, love, way of living, trust in ourselves, for the better.

Of course… not everyone has access to the books of the Transylvanian writer Cornel Gheorghe…

That’s why I recommend you to read them here on his website www.bigagc.com or in the FACEBOOK group

BIGAGC fan, quoted by BIGAGC, site www.bigagc.com, Ardelean Gheorghe Cornel
Public Group
ARDELEAN CORNEL GHEORGHE… where I am convinced you will find them.

He writes wonderful thoughts, which if applied in your life can change it for the better.

You can become better, happier, smarter.

It all depends on each person.

In the hope that I have aroused your interest… I invite you to read the page of the writer ARDELEAN CORNEL GHEORGHE.

I conclude here ind wishing the writer ARDELEAN CORNEL from the bottom of my heart… much health and happiness and power to write so that he can leave to humanity a rich material of ideas written in his books.

I want them too. much hope for the future.



SPAIN 09.03.20

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