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Ioan Cojocariu
October 28 at 11:01 pm ·
Good evening my dear friends
Tonight a poem that I dedicate from the bottom of my heart to my friend … the writer ARDELEAN CORNEL GHEORGHE
Which 13 years ago he told me … writes Ioane writes, you have grace.
I had written my first poem
I hadn’t even written a letter before.
He will receive this poem as a token of gratitude today.
I wish him good health and much success in his writings.
Not everyone knows … writing, where does it come from?
What he leaves on paper … we only know letters well.
You can’t find the answer when you don’t read enough
When the clouds or the sunset … press your soul.
Writing thinking … not everyone knows,
A Transylvanian … does it … by writing the word peace.
He Transylvanian of course … a little man at the state.
But what amazes you … what thoughts he gave.
It’s all about him, you … just read them,
And a life in freedom … makes you happy.
He won’t come on stage … and he won’t recite,
There are thoughts … of course, what will you get
Look around at all, “he” will answer you,
But he knows he can’t say enough.
You … buy him the book, it’s … a little pamphlet,
Read it even at night, or when you are afraid.
He heals you all, a simple honest man.
Which only after death, will be loved by all.
That … A.C.G … gave her a well-known name
Coming after
All evil defeated him.
Good night all.

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