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Ardelean is up and strong,

He has no resemblance. Thinking is his life

He guards her like a chicken.

Thought will go away,

Thought… will include many visions.

And so with thinking

The world will conquer it.

Chicken with more ideas,

When bigger when smaller ..

. He sends them to the world,

All to be read.

The mind wants to enlighten us,

Truths to prove,

And every night to give birth to a treasure.

Treasure of Wisdom,

For man brought into the world.

In the fog not to stay In the light he wants.

Large factories to build,

Let the whole world work.

And forever be no more,

On earth… hate… slavery.

Don’t be hungry in the world.

To raise children wonderfully.

To be chosen in life

To give us power.

Schools to learn,

How to tell stories.

Exactly in thoughts…

Which will pass the horizons.

People will want houses

New and beautiful hopes

Because an ARDELEAN

With his human soul.

For all he does,

God bless you.

Help him when it’s hard for him

To protect him from the evil one.

Author, Poet

Ioan Cojocariu 06.11.07 Arad

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