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Gheorghe Cornel Ardelean was born on March 11.1954 in place Macea, Arad Country Romania Graduate of Economic University, Craiova Romania 1979-1989 Economist and Chief Economist and sales Department In 1990-founding member of the first Parliament of Romania after the Revolution of 1989 in PCNU (Provisional Council of National Unity) 1992 – Independent candidate for deputy in the Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies 1992-1996 Advisor to the Arad Country Council as an independent adviser 1992-1996 President of the Commission trade, tourism, services advise Arad Country Council 1990-2002 Director, manager of private companies wholesale 1980 – Philosopher and author books. 300 1980 He published 118 books, articles in publications, of which 56 English books in www.amazon.com and 68 books in Romanian In 2009 – As a thought on long-term, positive, constructive, open, creative, humanistic, etc. It has a great ability to create so many positive ideas and solutions, constructive, humanist, creative, helpful people to achieve what they want. Thinking and ideas sustain and promote the rights of children, women, all people in the world, positive thinking and ideas, constructive, humanistic, tolerante, progressive, understanding and peace between peoples and nations

We published 56 books in the USA on www.amazon.com  quotes in English under the name Ardelean Gheorghe Cornel.

If you like quotes written by me, please, I invite you to buy books because they can be very very useful in life in achieving personal goals, happiness, love, health, success, prevention of illnesses, failures, of mistakes, sufferings, etc. and you helped me a lot.

I wish you health, happiness, love, the accomplishment of everything you want in life.

Urge to read, analyze and apply my quotes, meditations.

  1. My quotes ,meditations give us an impulse to achieve our personal goals. Read, analyze them and apply those you accept. Good luck.
  2. My quotes meditations push us, give us impulses to do only what is good for us, for others, and for society. Read, analyze them and apply those you accept. Good luck.
  3. My quotes meditations push us, give us impulses to achieve a better life. Read, analyze them and apply those you accept. Good luck.
  4. My quotes ,meditations push us, give us impulses to take care of us, of our health, of our family etc. Read, analyze them and apply those you accept. Good luck.
  5. My quotes meditations push us, give us 13 impulses to do what is necessary and required. Read, analyze them and apply those you accept. Good luck.
  6. My quotes meditations push us, give us impulses to achieve a better world. Read, analyze them and apply those you accept. Good luck.
  7. Continuously, every day it is necessary to have as a personal objective the training and development of those qualities that help us and contribute to the achievement of personal goals.
  8. Thought my my quotes help you can prevent many mistakes. Read, analyze them and apply those you accept. Good luck!

By reading and analyzing the quotes, meditations of BIGAGC, by applying one or more thoughts we will find solutions that will help us:

  • I. Discover: 1. qualities; 2. defects; 3. capabilities; 4. skills; 5. some opportunities to succeed in life; 6. finding a partner for life; 7. keeping our marriage; 8. discovering our feelings; 9. discovering our mistakes; 10. etc..
  • II. To prevent some: 1. mistakes; 2. accidents; 3. divorces; 4. trouble; 5. bankruptcies; 6. failures; 7. conflicts; 8. etc..
  • III. Become: 1. more efficient; 2. happier; 3. more loved; 4. more honorable; 5. appreciated; 6. more respected; 7. more loved; 8. more organized; 9. more optimistic; 10. more plan; 11. most active; 12. best; 13. fairer; 14. more humane; 15. more unselfish; 16. popular; 17. more famous; 18. etc..
  • IV. Come out of: 1. the state of lost hope; 2. the state of pessimism; 3. the state of despair; 4. the state of passivity; 5. the state of inactivity 6. etc..
  • V. Participate at: 1. social life; 2. political life; 3. the activity of nonprofit organization 4. etc..
  • VI. Find more opportunities to meet favorable or more favorable conditions.
  • VII. To let us change our lives more in better, to make it more beautiful.
  • VIII. To expand our chances to find the right partner for life.
  • IX. To let us realize and to maintain a happy marriage.
  • X. To let us raise and educate our children better, to take more care of them.

I am writing these meditations and adding these books, other publications and on the Internet, etc.. because we need them every day and it is necessary to apply them so that we each achieve what we want: a more beautiful life, a more prosperous and happy one.

These meditations reflect a tiny part of reality, of what would be good to be present in real life and in human relations.

I expect good news from you, good deeds that you have done influenced by the fact that you have read and applied one or more ideas to make your life more beautiful, more prosperous, more happy and to be positive lively models for others.

Each of us can become a positive new model for those around us thus participating in the creation of a better human society, of a more prosperous one, and a happier one.

I would be very happy and excited if one or more ideas that you have read, help you in one way or another or make you happier, more prosperous, etc..

I wish you all health, happiness and the achieving of all things that you want.

I expect your news, ideas, opinions, troubles and joys, etc

Sincerely, love and with much joy, ….

I invite you to visit my site www.BIGAGC.com and to write to me at:aradforex@gmail.com

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